From the South of Chile

Located in the south end of Latin America, Chile has a coast of more tan four thousand kilometres, wich is bathed by the South Pacific Ocean, one of the cleanest waters on the planet

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As for protection and development of fishing, Chile has had a leading role when participating in the International Rights’ agreement regarding marine resource conservation and exploitation.

Frozen Sea S.A.

The highest quality standards being used permit that its  products are kept fresh right after they are extracted from the sea until arriving to the final consumer

These sea products are caught along the coasts of Chile where the cleanest and purest waters of our planet are found

After being extracted and processed at our plants, fishes and molluscs are shipped via airfreight and sea freight to be consumed at the most

Our main objectives as Frozen Sea S.A.

Sustainability of fishing resources and care of the environment, considered fundamental challenges for the future.

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